Citronella, a natural ally against insects

Diavolina also offers a range of citronella-based products that can be used indoors or outdoors to keep pests away naturally. Diavolina torches and candles are strictly Made in Italy.

Candles for interiors

For the home, Diavolina offers candles with a delicate fragrance of citronella, pleasant and natural, in two formats.

Tealight: the classic universal tablet-shaped format.

Glass: candles in an elegant reusable glass cup, with a life of about 35 hours.

Garden torches and candles

For the outdoors, Diavolina offers a concentrated formulation for greater effectiveness.

The outdoor Diavolina Java Citronella Torch has a windproof wick and is perfect to insert into the appropriate earthenware crock.

Alternatively, the elegant “country light” candle in a glass cup designed to protect the flame from the wind, can provide 40 hours of protection from unwelcome visitors.