Beyond the fire, the clean

Diavolina is not only synonymous with fire, but also with cleanliness.
Together with the best fire lighters, it offers you a line of specific cleaners and accessories to remove traces of combustion from stoves, fireplaces, barbecues and more.

On glass, superiority is transparent

Diavolina SuperVetro is an ultra-concentrated and extremely powerful glass cleaner that is perfect for removing soot residue from stove and fireplace glass without leaving streaks.

For optimal cleaning, you can use the disposable Heavy Roll cloth, with an ultra-resistant and reusable structure, designed for all difficult tasks.

Bricks and stones? Resolved.

The stone or brick areas of the fireplaces are among the most difficult to clean thoroughly.

On these surfaces, the dense foam of the Pietre & Mattoni Diavolina Schiumaforte cleaner is particularly effective, breaking down incrustations in just a few minutes.

Grease proof grids

Diavolina barbecue cleaners help you to remove food residues and grease deposits from the grills and surfaces of your barbecue.

Diavolina Grill Cleaner spray forms a dense foam that softens incrustations, facilitating their removal.

For these and other “difficult” cleanings you can use the special Diavolina Fibra Grill sponge, made with extra strong BBQ-specifi abrasives.

Also for garden furniture

The Diavolina Giardino range offers specific solutions for the care of garden furniture.

For plastic, resin and PVC articles, a detergent with antistatic action that prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust.

For the wooden tables and chairs, a fiber-friendly spray detergent and a nourishing, protective oil that counteracts weathering and sunlight.