If you say fire, you say Diavolina!

It is not just an expression, for many Italians Diavolina is the name of the firelighter cube itself:
How many times have you heard the words “pass me the Diavolina” when working on the fireplace or barbecue?

This is because Diavolina has been the most complete and best-selling fire line in Italy for many years, with solutions suitable for everyone.
Where do we start from?

Traditional firelighters


Quite simply, the best-selling firelighter cubes in Italy. In packs of 40 or 80 cubes, they are reliable and safe and are suitable for stoves, fireplaces and barbecues of all kinds. Diavolina was also the first to include resealable bags in a special semi-breathable plastic in the packaging to better preserve the product.


Brown tablets are commonly referred as “ecological firelighters”, because they contain, in addition to a kerosene component, a portion of FSC-certified wood.

Diavolina offers them in different sizes and packages, from the small grill lighter format to the XXL size of the 30-minute igniter, ideal for ensuring a prolonged flame, useful for burning large logs.


Liquid igniters are mainly used for grilling, to impregnate the charcoal and facilitate the production of embers. With the special Diavolina Bio Gel it is possible to refill the food warmers used to prepare tasty fondues.

Sustainable firelighters

Diavolina Linea Verde offers you a whole range of low environmentally friendly igniters.

With characteristics and performance similar to traditional firelighters, Linea Verde products are suitable for all uses, with stoves, fireplaces and barbecues of all kinds.

Thanks to their all-natural composition, they are irreplaceable for cooking, as they respect food aromas and do not release potentially harmful substances.

Diavolina Linea Verde products are available in classic tablet formats, in liquid form, or in the form of wood and wax spirals, the famous Diavolina Eco-Ricci.

Odourless firelighters

Diavolina Linea Blu firelighters are made with enhanced odour-free formulations.
They offer superior performance in terms of durability and calorific value compared to conventional lighters.

Both cube and liquid igniters are available in the Linea Blu range.

Belfuoco, one log for all

Belfuoco is a log that can be used as a substitute for wood, providing about 2 hours of heat.
A solution to always keep in the house to be able to light the fireplace at any time, even without firewood.

Used in conjunction with large logs, instead of newspaper or other impromptu solutions, it facilitates combustion without producing unpleasant odours or releasing harmful substances into the air.

Diavolina is also quality pellets!

For the increasing number of pellet stove or fireplace owners, Diavolina now offers a high quality pellet, in 100% fir, produced in Austria and certified in class A1.

Available in 15 kg bags.