The best invention since the discovery of fire.

The Diavolina brand has accompanied Italian families for over 70 years.

Few people know that the name Diavolina was born as a localization of a French brand (“Diablotin”) which had as its first reference what is still today the most historic package in the range: the Diavolina Spazzacamino cleaner for flues with its unmistakable redand white bottle, which has remained unchanged over the decades.

Today Diavolina is the best known and most appreciated fire line in Italy, with a range of dozens of products ranging from firelighters to specialised cleaners, passing through lighters, barbecue solutions and much more. This differentiation has led to the creation of numerous lines (see below).

Even the Diavolina brand has undergone some minor changes along the way, both in the lettering and in the design. What was initially a rather aggressive “devilish” figure now appears as a refined silhouette, with a positive expression conveying security and confidence.

Among the distinctive features of the Diavolina brand, one cannot fail to mention the characteristic shaded green, which has become a registered trademark following numerous attempts at imitation by competitors who for years played on the similarity to mislead consumers.

Today, Diavolina fire can be easily recognized on shelves all over Italy, to give you the guarantee and security of a high quality product that will never betray your expectations.

Who says fire, says Diavolina!

The Diavolina lines for lighting