Safety first

Don’t play with fire. Diavolina offers you a line of high quality matches, lighters and cigarette lighters, made with materials and solutions that guarantee safety, ISO 9994 and EN 13869 certified for child safety.

Diavolina lighters by Cricket

Cricket® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas lighters and igniters.

Diavolina offers them to you with colorful and always different graphics, but with the quality and safety that only a certified product can provide.

Diavolina cigarette lighters are available in two versions, standard and mini (size that can fit a pack of cigarettes).

You can buy them loose or in blisters of 2 or 3 pieces in tobacconists or supermarkets.

Refillable gas igniter

Also produced by Cricket®, the Diavolina refillable igniter has a long nozzle that allows it to be used for lighting candles in lanterns or bioethanol fireplaces.

The ergonomic grip and the large power button make it comfortable and safe to use. Available in classic Diavolina green or in cheerful fluorescent colors.

Matches by Le Tre Stelle

As for the lighters, Diavolina also turned to a top manufacturer for its matches, made by Le Tre Stelle.

Diavolina matches are available in various sizes and packages for all uses in the kitchen and home.

Accendifacile: the lighter that turns into a match!

Diavolina Accendifacile is an ecological firelighter that is used like a match, or if you prefer a match that has the shape and durability of a firelighter.

To turn it on, simply rub its tip on the side of the package, no other tools required.

Practicality and ease of use are the strong points of Accendifacile, a product you can always carry with you … because you never know when you might need it!