One passione, many solutions

Whether you are an expert pitmaster or a weekend griller, Diavolina solutions will help you make every barbecue a success.

To grill at high temperatures, using traditional charcoal, Diavolina grill lighters will allow you to prepare perfect embers, while if you prefer indirect cooking at controlled temperatures, you will certainly know the quality of our Briquettes and Eco-Ricci, a real “must”for cooking.

Barbecue ignition

There are several ways to prepare perfect embers.

Let’s dispel a false myth: all Diavolina firelighters can also be used for barbecues, if you take the precaution of waiting for their combustion to run out.

There are also specific lighters that are particularly suitable for grilling, such as the BBQube foam igniters and Diavolina Linea Verde products, which have a natural composition and do not release potentially harmful substances or bad smells into the air.

Eco-ricci & briquette

Diavolina Eco-Ricci are perfect for cooking on grills, barbecues or even open fires, because they are composed only of wood and wax and do not alter the fragrance or aroma of food in any way.

The Eco-Ricci also last longer than the classic bars and are perfect for preparing embers or Diavolina Briquettes, directly in the brazier or through the special “chimneys” for lighting.

BBQ cleaning

Diavolina’s barbecue-specific cleaners will help you remove food residues and grease deposits from your barbecue grills and surfaces. Diavolina Grill Cleaner spray forms a dense foam that softens deposits, making them easier to remove.

For these and other “difficult” cleaning tasks you can use the special Diavolina Fibra Grill sponge, made with extra strong abrasives specific for BBQ, or the Diavolina Heavy Roll disposable cloth, a highly resistance roll, reusable several times, ideal for all difficult cleaning tasks around the house and for DIY.