Ready-to-use Diavolina solutions

Diavolina is the right answer to the question “Who cooks now?” With its ready-to-use solutions, Diavolina allows you to organise a barbecue at home or outdoors or to prepare succulent fondues in no time at all.

Griglia & getta

Griglia&Getta is the all-inclusive portable barbecue that contains everything you need for a barbecue for three to four people.

Thanks to the pre-impregnated charcoal ovules of Diavolina liquid firelighter, G&G allows you to grill for a long time, without releasing bad smells.

Important: take care to turn it off completely, before disposing of it, e.g. by using sand and wait for it to cool down.

A bag of convenience

Sacco di Brace Diavolina is the perfect fuel for those who have no time to waste.

Iit contains high-quality pressed vegetable charcoal briquettes, impregnated with Diavolina liquid firelighter, to ensure all the heat you need for grilling.

The great advantage of Un Sacco di Brace is that you don’t even have to open it: just light the bag directly in the brazier and you’re done! After 20 minutes, you will have perfect embers and can start cooking without even getting your hands dirty.

Available in standard pack, or in the 2×1 Sacco di Brace version (consisting of two smaller bags) to grill without waste and without dirtying. More convenient than that!

Rifornello,the multi-purpose warmer

Rifornello is the Diavolina hotplate for preparing tasty fondue or bourguignonne. Its secret lies in the refills, which use a special combustible BioGel that burns slowly to never leave you halfway through the pleasure.

Diavolina BioGel is also available in a bottle for direct refilling of reusable trays as an alternative to Diavolina ready-to-use disposable refills.