UltraLight Diavolina Linea Blu


The UltraLight sachets are an innovative idea to light a fire without unpleasant smells and without dirtying your hands. They can be used all year round, in fireplaces and for barbecues. Resealable package with 20 firelighter sachets.
The “odourless” composition of Diavolina Linea Blu UltraLight removes the bad smell problem of traditional firelighters. The thin, light UltraLight sachets contain an odourless fuel that burns for about 8 minutes. These light, hygienic sachets are ideal for outdoor barbecues and picnics.
How it works
Place one or more sachets in the grate then light the wrapper without opening it first. Once properly alight, cover with wood or charcoal without smothering the flame.
Why buy it?
Because you can light a fire without dirtying your hands or producing bad smells. Their lightness makes them ideal for BBQs and on outings. They are hygienic so they can be used all year round, indoors as well.