Teak Oil Diavolina


Diavolina Teak Oil is a special nutrient oil for hard woods that is perfect for preserving the beauty of garden furniture and accessories. A genuine beauty treatment that can remove the signs of time and of wear and tear.
Diavolina Teak Oil brings colour back to surfaces exposed to the sun, removes signs of ageing and extends the lifespan of surfaces. It also protects against the weather and against greasy stains by forming a protective water-repellent film.
How it works
Treat the surfaces on a dry day. Before applying the nutrient oil, it is essential that the surfaces are cleaned perfectly using an appropriate product (e.g. Diavolina Wood Cleaner).
Apply the oil with a flat brush or cloth. For well worn woods, we recommend applying a second coat after 6 hours. Leave to dry for 24 hours in a dry place.
Can irritate the skin and is harmful for the health: follow the instructions on the box to the letter.
Why buy it?
Teak Oil brings out the natural beauty of wood, protects surfaces from the weather and removes the signs of time.