Diavolina Spazzacamino logs


Diavolina Spazzacamino logs are the most practical solution for cleaning flues and chimneys because they are used just like normal logs. Their powerful action breaks down the soot inside the chimney of flue in almost instantly.
When used periodically, Diavolina Spazzacamino logs improve the draught from flues, prevent blockages, blow back and very dangerous fires caused by poor maintenance.
How it works
ceppo spazzacamino


1. Heat up the fireplace with a good fire to soften the deposits inside the flues. Then put one Ceppo Spazzacamino inside the brazier.

2. Let it burns for around 45-60 minutes. The catalytic substances will attack the soot on the walls of the flues.

3. You will see the soot fall down inside the fireplace. Remember to clean the flues every 2 or 3 months.

Before starting, you need to heat up the flue to soften any crusts that have formed over time. Roar up the fire then place a Spazzacamino log on the grate. The Spazzacamino log takes about 40/60 minutes to be consumed but its "decrusting" action will go on for hours during which small pieces of soot break away from the flue walls and fall into the fire. We recommend repeating this procedure once every two months to keep flues and chimneys clean and efficient and to prevent possible blockages or fires.
Why buy it?
Diavolina Spazzacamino logs are easy, safe and efficient to use to prevent potential blockages or fires. On that subject - can you remember the last time you checked your chimney?