Diavolina Spazzacamino Spray


Diavolina Spazzacamino Spray is a pre-treatment for firewood which allows to keep the flues clean without performing any specific mantainance operation, as it acts every time the fireplace/stove is used.
Diavolina Spazzacamino Spray drastically reduces soot emissions during combustion of wood without producing smoke or odors.
With the disincenting action of its active ingredients, Spazzacamino Spray breaks down any formations of tar and soot that are already present on the inner walls of the chimney.
How it works
The treatment allows to keep the flues clean without having to perform any periodic maintenance operation. Simply spraying the product on the firewood before putting it on the brazier.
Moreover, it is possible to pre-treat the entire woodwork of the house in a single session in order to solve the problem of soot throughout the winter.
Why buy it?
It's safe, quick and incredibly easy to use.