Diavolina Soot Remover


Diavolina Spazzacamino is a powerful powder that was designed to clean burner flues, simple cooker flues and chimneys. In a just a few minutes it can break down the soot that has built up inside flues and chimneys.
When used periodically, Diavolina Spazzacamino improves the draught from flues, prevents blockages, blow back and very dangerous fires caused by poor maintenance.

In the event of a chimney fire, the immediate use of one or more bottles of Diavolina Spazzacamino can put out or at least slow the spread of flames thus protecting both your house and your chimney. For this reason, we recommend that you always keep a couple of bottles within easy reach.
How it works
Diavolina Spazzacamino is most effective when used on flues that are already hot. Get the fire roaring well before starting. Just before you sprinkle the powder over the burning embers, half open the draught air vent then pour out the contents of the bottle. The fact that Diavolina Spazzacamino is working properly is seen by the dense white smoke that is given off. After a few minutes, open the draught air vent fully.
Why buy it?
Diavolina Spazzacamino is an inexpensive, highly efficient way of maintaining chimneys and flues and of preventing blockages and potential fires. On that subject - can you remember the last time you checked your chimney?