Schiumaforte Pietre & Mattoni foam detergent Diavolina


Diavolina SchiumaForte Pietre & Mattoni (brick & stone) is a powerful detergent foam specifically for cleaning the stone parts of your fireplace. Ideal for cleaning all stone or brick surfaces.
This product removes stains, crusts and tar deposits produced by combustion to keep your fireplace always like new.
How it works
Spray the foam on to the surfaces to be treated then leave it to work for a few minutes. Rub vigorously to absorb any stains. Use a brush for rough surfaces. Dampen again with a sponge then rinse with clean water. N.B.: only use on cold surfaces.
Why buy it?
Diavolina SchiumaForte Pietre & Mattoni is extremely powerful and effective against the most obstinate dirt that gathers on fireplace walls.