Pellet burner cleaner


An intelligent and innovative system to keep your pellet burner working efficiently by removing residues that can build up on the walls of the flue.
In theory, pellets should not contain any impurities. In reality however, residues build up in the burner itself and, over time, these can block exhaust fumes. For this reason, it is also important that you periodically treat your pellet burner flue to a little maintenance work.
How it works
pellet burner cleaner

Diavolina cleaner for pellet burners, or Pellet Spazzacamino, is an incredibly practical solution for cleaning flues and is ideal for all types of pellet burners.

This product is used like normal pellets and, working from the inside, can clean both soot in the flue and inside the "combustion chamber" which is usually inaccessible inside the burner. During use, a photocatalytic substance is released which breaks down the soot and gives off dense white smoke.

When combustion is complete allow the burner to cool down and remove the powder that has gathered on the bottom before using the burner again with normal pellets.

Why buy it?
Because it is the only product that works from the inside. Because it ensures the effective removal of impurities from the pellet burner flue.