Accendifuoco odourless in bustine


Diavolina Maxi Odourless blocks in sachet form are the most practical, hygienic and efficient solution for lighting fires without dirtying your hands or creating a bad smell.
The enhanced formula used for Odourless Diavolina Linea Blu firelighters doesn't generate a bad smell and is enriched by vegetable carbon to provide better calorific output. The maxi blocks are also bigger in size to offer extended burning time. They are sealed in sachets. Simply light the wrapper without dirtying your hands.
How it works
Place one or more sachets on the grate then light the wrapper without opening it first. Once properly alight, cover with wood, coal or charcoal taking care not to smother the flame.
Why buy it?
Because they are odour free Because they are enriched with vegetable carbon Because they last longer. Because they are hygienic and individually wrapped. Because they are Diavolina. Anything else?