Green Power Natural firelighters


Diavolina Green Power firelighters are natural products with 100% vegetable-based ingredients of which part is made up of FSC certified wood which comes from sustainably managed forests.
Like all Diavolina Green Power products, they have an eco sustainable formula which offers the same performance characteristics as petroleum-based products. They don't generate a bad smell and don't affect the aroma or taste of food. Suitable for fires, burners and all types of barbecue. Available in packets of 40 or in a convenient bag holding 85 blocks of which 15 are free of charge.
How it works
Diavolina Green Power firelighters are lit in the same way as their traditional counterparts. Simply place the cubes on the grate and cover with wood, coal or charcoal taking care not to smother the flame.
Why buy it?
Because they are made from natural raw materials and FSC certified wood. And, naturally, with Diavolina's renowned efficiency.