Green Power maxi blocks in sachet form


Diavolina Green Power firelighters are zero impact products made from 100% natural products. In maxi form for longer duration and in hygienic sachets so that you don't dirty your hands.
Firelighters with an eco sustainable vegetable oil based formula. Because they don't contain petroleum-based substances, they don't produce a bad smell and don't release harmful substances into the atmosphere. In sachet form, they are even more hygienic and practical: just place a sachet on the grate. Suitable for fires, grills, barbecues, wood and coal burning stoves.
How it works
Place the sachets on the grate then light the wrapper without opening it first. Cover with wood, coal or charcoal taking care not to smother the flame.
Why buy it?
Because they respect the environment, don't create a bad smell and don't dirty your hands.