Green Power 48 cubes


Diavolina Green Power Linea Verde is a range of sustainable firelighters which provide immediate fire lighting using raw materials of vegetable origin only.
Green Power firelighters are completely natural and are based on vegetable oils. They do not contain petroleum-based substances and therefore do not produce the characteristic smell of traditional firelighters. Their eco sustainable formula does not release harmful substances into the atmosphere. Suitable for all types of fires, burners and even for cooking as they do not affect the aroma or taste of food.
How it works
Green Power firelighters are used in the same way as traditional ones. Simply place the cubes on the grate and cover with wood, coal or charcoal taking care not to smother the flame.
Why buy it?
Because they are 100% natural, free of petroleum-based substances, don't produce a bad smell and don't release harmful substances into the atmosphere.