FuocoMoka logs Diavolina


FuocoMoka are ecological logs for fireplaces that let you enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fire even if you don't have any wood available. They can be used instead of normal logs and burn for over two hours.
These logs are 100% ecological and are made from husks left over from the coffee making process. They do not give off smoke or a bad small and instead produce a wonderful aroma.
How it works
Place FuocoMoka logs on the grate and light. Once lit, they burn and give off heat for at least 2 hours (this time can vary depending on the fireplace draught).
Why buy it?
So that you need never be without the comfort and atmosphere of a real fire. Think about all the times you would have liked to light the fire but had nothing to burn... not even a FuocoMoka log on hand.