Ecological firelighters Diavolina


Ecological firelighters are an alternative to traditional firelighters and have a smaller impact on the environment. They owe their typical brown colour to the presence of wood and a paraffin mixture.
Diavolina ecological firelighters are made with renewable energy using FSC certified wood from sustainably managed forests. There are different form are available: 24 accendigrills, ideal for lighting barbecues, 28 or 100 firelighter cubes, perfect for fires and stoves.
How it works
Place one or more cubes on the grate. Light the cubes and cover with wood, coal or charcoal taking care not to smother the flame. For burners or simple cookers, leave the air vents open. If to be used for cooking, wait until the product has been completely consumed before placing food on the grille.
Why buy it?
Because they are practical and don't give off a bad smell. Then there is the FSC certification, a guarantee of the eco sustainability of the raw materials.