Briquettes Diavolina


Diavolina Briquettes are the ideal fuel for American style BBQs. Compared to charcoal, they last several times longer and release heat more evenly for more controlled cooking.
Diavolina Briquettes are made from vegetable carbon compressed into large ovals known as briquettes. As real “pitmasters” know all too well, traditional charcoal releases a lot of heat in a short time.
For this reason, charcoal is suitable for dishes that need the intense, fast cooking times that are typical for grills but is not recommended for slower, more refined dishes. Vegetable carbon briquettes on the hand are ideal for more even cooking as they release their heat gradually and constantly over a longer time. Briquettes also have a better calorific output than charcoal. A 2.5 kg box is equivalent to at least 5 kg of traditional charcoal.
With Diavolina Briquettes you can cook for hours with the same degree of efficiency and experiment with more interesting cooking techniques.
How it works
You can light the Briquettes when they are on the grate by sprinkling then with liquid accendigrill firelighter (remember to allow it to soak in for 1 or 2 minutes). Wait for about 15/20 minutes before starting to cook when the briquettes are covered with a layer of white ash. With Diavolina Briquettes, you can cook for over 2 hours at an almost constant temperature.
Why buy it?
Diavolina Briquettes cook for longer at a more constant temperature. Ideal for American style BBQs. And you, don't tell us that you still use charcoal!