Bagged embers


Un Sacco di Brace is the ready-to-use solution for preparing a barbecue evening in a couple of minutes without having to worry about charcoal.
Both the fuel and firelighter are already inside the bag of Diavolina Un Sacco di Brace. A standard package contains 1.8 kg of vegetable carbon fuel ovals soaked in Diavolina "Accendigrill" liquid firelighter. The multipack package contains 2 x 1 kg bags for bigger or smaller barbecues with no waste of fuel.
How it works
To create a bed of embers, just place a bag of Un Sacco di Brace on the grate and light all four corners. The barbecue will be ready to use after about 20 minutes.
Why buy it?
Because they are always ready-to-use, a convenient solution to keep on hand. You can also take them when you're travelling or go camping.