Accenditutto long lasting firelighter


Diavolina Accenditutto blocks are extra large ecological firelighters which burn for more than 30 minutes and are for use in extraordinary circumstances. They are ideal for example when lighting wooden logs, or logs that have not weathered and are still damp and therefore difficult to light.
Provide 30 minutes of flames. Have the same composition as Diavolina ecological firelighters which use paraffin and wood. They don't give off a bad smell. Hygienic: Light the wrapper without any need to open the block.
How it works
Using Accenditutto blocks is very simple: just place one on the grate as it is and light the four corners of the wrapper. Once lit, cover with wood or logs, even if it they are damp.
Why buy it?
Because they are the only firelighters that will light fires that would normally be impossible. Keep them at hand, you never know when you'll need them!