Accendifacile Diavolina


Not everybody has a lighter or box of matches with them at all times but, with Diavolina AccendiFacile, forget about it! AccendiFacile is the firelighter that you can light with no need for anything else. All you do is rub the tip of firelighter against the side of the box.
Ecological firelighters made using FSC certified wood. Light them by rubbing against the box, just like a match. Ideal for when you're travelling or camping. Suitable for fires, burners, barbecues.
How it works
Break off an AccendiFacile and rub the tip against the side of the box. Place the firelighter on the grate then cover with wood or charcoal.
Why buy it?
Because you'll no longer need to worry about lighters or matches. Perfect for non smokers!