Matches In four convenient sizes for all your lighting needs

Lighters Manufactured by Cricket, guaranteed by Diavolina.

Availability You can buy them everywhere even at the supermarket.

Diavolina Matches

Diavolina matches are produced by Le Tre Stelle, one of the leading international manufacturers.
Available in 4 different sizes, they can be conveniently purchased at the supermarket, along with other Diavolina references.

diavolina cucina


The classic kitchen match suitable for all. 55 mm. Box of 60 pieces.

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At the supermarket!.

diavolina fiammiferone


97 mm long, to light almost anything due to its prolonged duration. Box of 45 matches.

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Because length matters

diavolina maxi box kitchen

Maxi box cucina

Value pack of 250 matches for the most intensive users.

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To save money

diavolina familiare italia

Familiare Italia

Box of 100 matches for all uses.

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It’s a “family affair”

diavolina accendifacile


AccendiFacile is the firelighter that you can light with no need for anything else. All you do is rub the tip of firelighter against the side of the box. Ideal for when you're travelling or camping. Suitable for fires, burners, barbecues.

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Because you'll no longer need to worry about lighters or matches.

Diavolina gas lighters

The Diavolina lighters are produced by Cricket, famous for the quality and reliability of its products.
They are available in two sizes and can be purchased in bulk or in blister packs of 2 pcs (Maxi) or 3 pcs (Mini).
The product line is completed by a rechargeable gas lighter ideal for cookers, stoves, fireplaces.

diavolina mini lighters

Mini Lighters

Small and practical, can take place also within a pack of cigarettes. Available in different designs and colors. Can be purchased bulk or in blister packs of 3 pieces.

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It’s really small.

diavolina maxi lighters

Maxi Lighters

Standard size lighters with comfortable grip, available in different designs and colors. Can be purchased bulk or in blister packs of 2 pieces.

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It’s not that small

diavolina rechargeable gas lighters

Rechargeable Gas Lighter

Rechargeable lighter with ergonomic handle and adjustable flame, produced by Cricket. Ideal for kitchen fires, stoves, fireplaces.

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To light the firelighters.