Barbecue and grillsA world of solutions for lighting and cleaning.

Garden furnitureClean and protect wooden and plastic surfaces.

Ready-to-use?An impromptu barbecue? With Diavolina, no problem!

Products for BBQS

The most complete line for lighting and maintaining fires, stoves and barbecues.



A must for BBQ experts.

Diavolina Briquettes are the ideal fuel for American style BBQs. Compared to charcoal, they last several times longer and release heat more evenly for more controlled cooking.

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Ideal for American style BBQs. And you, don't tell us that you still use charcoal!



Foam firelighters ideal for barbecues.

Solid foam firelighters, light, efficient and burn with ease without giving off a bad small. Ideal for grills and barbecues. Also suitable for wood ovens, burners and fires. BBQubes come packed in practical hygienic protective trays.

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BBQubes are odour free and don't affect the aroma of food.

Bagged embers

Un Sacco di Brace - Bagged embers

Light the bag... and that's it!

Un Sacco di Brace is the ready-to-use solution for preparing a barbecue evening in a couple of minutes without having to worry about charcoal.

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Because they are always ready-to-use, a convenient solution to keep on hand.

Griglia e getta

Griglia & Getta portable barbecues

Portable barbecues that are ready for anything.

Griglia & Getta are practical disposable barbecues that provide all you need for a barbecue for about 4 people.

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They are small, light and you can take them anywhere you want.


Fibra Grill

Super strong abrasive action against encrusted dirt.

Diavolina Fibra Grill is an extra abrasive sponge that is perfect for cleaning barbecue grills of the most stubborn dirt.

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It’s more effective than traditional abrasive sponges and does not damage surfaces.

BBQ active gel cleaner

BBQ active gel cleaner

A super powerful detergent with no aggressive ingredients.

Diavolina Active Gel is a cleaning substance specially designed for grills, grates and all other barbecue components. It's strong pint is that it doesn't contain any corrosive or aggressive ingredients.

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It cleans and removes deep seated grease without aggressive substances.

Open air

To look after your garden furniture, Diavolina offers the very highest quality products for your wooden and plastic furniture.

Teak oil

Teak Oil

Beauty treatment for your garden furniture.

Diavolina Teak Oil is a special nutrient oil for hard woods that is perfect for preserving the beauty of garden furniture and accessories. A genuine beauty treatment that can remove the signs of time and of wear and tear.

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To protect surfaces from the weather and to remove the signs of time.

Wood cleaner

Wood cleaner

Specific cleaner for outdoor furniture.

Diavolina Wood Cleaner is a spray emulsion specially for cleaning wooden surfaces. It is specifically recommended for hard woods, teak, rattan and bamboo.

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It ensures deep cleaning and respects the delicate structure of the wood.

Pulitore plastica

Plastic Cleaner

Triple action: cleans, shines, protects.

Diavolina Plastic Cleaner instantly cleans and protects plastic surfaces. Perfect for garden furniture in plastic, resin or PVC.

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It does more than clean and prevents the build up of dust and dirt.

Oil for torches and lamps. Lemongrass scented.

Oil for torches and lamps. Lemongrass scented.

A natural action against mosquitoes.

The pleasing scent of lemongrass acts as a natural repellent against mosquitoes and bothersome insects. For use with garden torches and lamps only.

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Its pleasing scent creates a magical atmosphere in the garden.