Guaranteed efficiencyDiavolina are the highest selling firelighters in Italy.

Ecological and certifiedDiavolina ecological firelighters use FSC certified wood.

Easier to lightDiscover Accendifacile: the firelighter that you use as a match!

Traditional firelighters

Diavolina firelighters are the fastest and most practical solutions for lighting any type of burner or fire. Thanks to their practicality and efficiency, the traditional firelighters are bought by millions of users and are the most sold in Italy.

Diavolina cubes

Diavolina 40/80 cubes

All the power of fire. Cubed.

The classic Diavolina white cube is the most sold firelighter of choice in Italy. Based on kerosene, these firelighters are ideal for lighting burners, fires and barbecues.

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Because they the easiest and most efficient way of lighting a fire.

Accendifuoco sachets

Diavolina sachets

A touch of class. And hygiene.

These are the same Diavolina firelighters but this time wrapped in practical, hygienic sachets that are placed on the grate then lit without having to dirty your hands.

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They don't give off smoke or a bad smell.

Liquid irelighter

Liquid lighter 750 ml

Practicality before all else.

The ideal solution for those who want to sprinkle a fire lighting liquid directly on to wood on the grate. Thanks to a new formula, Diavolina Fire lighting liquid can be used to light fires or grills and barbecues as they leave no lingering odour on food.

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Because it is versatile and easy to dose.

BBQ liquid lighter

BBQ liquid lighter 1000 ml

Embers, child's play.

Diavolina Accendigrill is a specific product for lighting barbecues and leaves no trace on foods. You can use it in all safety as the 1 litre bottle features a safety cap which prevents blow back.

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It’s almost indispensable for preparing embers with no problem.

Cooking, fondue, bourguinonne

Diavolina Rifornello burner

Diavolina Rifornello burner

Warm up your evenings with friends.

Rifornello is a practical, refillable, adjustable burner that is ideal for keeping dishes such as fondue or sauces warm. Each refill lasts about 45 minutes.

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If you love fondue, it's the least you can do.

Ecological firelighters

Diavolina ecological firelighters are manufactures using renewable energy using wood certified by FSC, the international certification system which guarantees the traceability of raw materials which must come from responsibly managed forests. The range also includes Belfuoco and FuocoMoka logs which can be used instead of normal wood and which provide more than 2 hours of heat, comfort and atmosphere.

Ecological firelighters cubes

Ecological firelighters (28, 24, 100 cubi)

The natural alternative, FSC certified.

Ecological firelighters are an alternative to traditional firelighters and have a smaller impact on the environment. They owe their typical brown colour to the presence of wood and a paraffin mixture. Diavolina ecological firelighters are made with renewable energy using FSC certified wood from sustainably managed forests.

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Because they are practical and don't give off a bad smell.

38 maxicubes

36 Maxi cubes

Some like it bigger.

Diavolina ecological maxi cubes blend the benefits of ecological firelighters with a reduced environmental impact but are bigger than normal for longer duration.

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Because they last longer and you use fewer of them.

Accenditutto long lasting firelighter

Accenditutto long lasting firelighter

Ignites even desperate cases.

Diavolina Accenditutto blocks are extra large ecological firelighters which burn for more than 30 minutes and are for use in extraordinary circumstances. They are ideal for example when lighting wooden logs, or logs that have not weathered and are still damp and therefore difficult to light.

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Because you never know when you'll need them!



The new firelighter that you use as a match!

AccendiFacile is the firelighter that you can light with no need for anything else. All you do is rub the tip of firelighter against the side of the box. Ideal for when you're travelling or camping. Suitable for fires, burners, barbecues.

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Because you'll no longer need to worry about lighters or matches.

Belfuoco logs

Belfuoco logs

The cosiness of a fire, even without wood to burn.

Belfuoco are ecological logs for fireplaces that let you enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fire even if you don't have any wood available. They can be used instead of normal logs and burn for over two hours.

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So that you need never be without the comfort and atmosphere of a real fire.

Fuocomoka logs

Fuocomoka logs

The heat of wood, the aroma of coffee.

FuocoMoka are ecological logs for fireplaces that let you enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fire even if you don't have any wood available. These logs are 100% ecological and are made from husks left over from the coffee making process. They do not give off smoke or a bad small and instead produce a wonderful aroma.

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Think about all the times you would have liked to light the fire but had nothing to burn....

Specialized cleaners

SchiumaForte Pietre & Mattoni foam detergent

SchiumaForte Pietre & Mattoni foam detergent

To keep you fireplace like new.

Diavolina SchiumaForte Pietre & Mattoni (brick & stone) is a powerful detergent foam specifically for cleaning the stone parts of your fireplace. Ideal for cleaning all stone or brick surfaces.

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It’s effective against the most obstinate dirt that gathers on fireplace walls.

Supervetro refillable glass cleaner

Supervetro, refillable glass cleaner

Specially for the glass on fire and stove doors.

Diavolina SuperVetro is a specially designed detergent for cleaning for the glass doors on fire and stoves . Leaves glass gleaming and free of smears.

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Efficiently removes soot stains from the glass on fire and stove doors.

Piastre e fornelli paste

Piastre & fornelli paste

Metal-based paste for removing rust.

Diavolina Piastre & Fornelli is a metal-based paste for removing rust and protecting treated surfaces. It is ideal for simple kitchen cookers, gas rings and burner pipes.

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To renew and protect the plates on cookers and simple burners.