InnovativeThe very latest items on the firelighter market.

OdourlessA complete line of products with an odourless formula.

More effectiveEnriched with lignite for greater calorific output.


Linea Blu is a range of odourless firelighters designed for those of you who can't stand the smell of traditional firelighters. Thanks to an innovative formula, Diavolina Linea Blu products burn longer with more intensity.

Odourless firelighters 48 cubes

Odourless firelighters 48 cubes

The firelighter that doesn't offend your nose!

Diavolina Linea Blu Odourless firelighters have an innovative formula that doesn't generate a bad smell. Recommended for those of you with a delicate sense of smell.

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They are more powerful than traditional firelighters and are odour free.

Maxi Odourless blocks in sachet form

Maxi Odourless blocks in sachet form

For delicate noses. And delicate hands.

Diavolina Maxi Odourless blocks in sachet form are the most practical, hygienic and efficient solution for lighting fires without dirtying your hands or creating a bad smell.

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They are hygienic and individually wrapped.

Odourless liquid lighter 750ml

Odourless liquid lighter

High performance, odourless liquid firelighter.

The Diavolina Linea Blu liquid firelighter is a fuel suitable for barbecues and fireplaces because it is effective and does not produce bad smells.

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You have simply no reason not to use an odourless liquid firelighter.

UltraLight odourless firelighter

UltraLight odourless firelighter in sachets

Ultrasottili, ultraleggere, ultraversatili.

The UltraLight sachets are an innovative idea to light a fire without unpleasant smells and without dirtying your hands. They can be used all year round, in fireplaces and for barbecues. Resealable package with 20 firelighter sachets.

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Light a fire without dirtying your hands or producing bad smells.